Likh Diya Apne Dar Pe Kisi Ne Lyrics with Translation

The Legend Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Qawwal
Lyrics Likh Diya Apne Dar Pe Kisi Ne [Lyrics with Translation]
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Likh Diya Apne Dar Pe Kisi Ne Lyrics with Translation
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Likh Diya Apne Dar Pe Kisi Ne, 
Is Jagah Pyar Karna Mana Hai
Pyar Agar Ho Bhi Jaye Kisi Ko, 
Iska Izhar Karna Mana Hai

Unki Mahfil Mein Jab Koi Jaaye, 
Pehle Nazrein Woh Apni Jhukaye
Wo Sanam Jo Khuda Ban Gaye Hein, 
Unka Deedaar Karna Manaa Hai

Jaag Uthein Gay To Aahein Bharein Gay, 
Husn Walon Ko Ruswaa Karein Gay
So Gaye Hain Jo Furqat Ke Maare, 
Unko Bedaar Karna Manaa Hai 

Hum Nai Ki Arz Ay Banda Parwar, 
Kiyon Sitam Dhal Rahay Ho Yeh Hum Per
Baat Sun Kar Hamari Woh Bole, 
Hum Say Taqraar Karna Mana Hai

Saamnay Jo Khula Hai Jharoka, 
Kha Na Jana Qateel Kahin Unka Dhoka
Ub Bhi Apnay Liyeh Us Gali Mein, 
Shouq-e-Deedaar Karna Mana Hai
One inscribed outside his entrance, 
here love is forbidden,
If, one does fall in love, 
then declaration of such here is forbidden.

Whilst one joins their assembly, 
first he must lower his gaze,
Lovers that have reached divine majesty, 
here sights of them are forbidden.

If they become awake, they will show dismay 
at those with immense beauty,
Those who have gone asleep in separation, awakening them here is forbidden.

We questioned for the sake of humanity, 
why such betrayal towards us,
Listening to such words, they answered
 ‘’confronting with us is also forbidden’’.

In front of you is an overhanging balcony, 
Qateel fall not again for a deception,
 in that street are forbidden.
For us even now sights of such interests.

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