English Translation Mein Khayaal Hoon Kisi Aur Ka

The Legend Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Qawwal
Mein Khayaal Hoon Kisi Aur Ka [English Translation]
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English Translation Mein Khayaal Hoon Kisi Aur Ka
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Main Khayaal hoon kisi aur ka, 
mujhe sochta koi aur hai.
Sar-e-aaina mera aks hai, 
pas-e-aaina koi aur hai.

Main kisi ke dast-e-talab mein hoon, 
to kisi ke harf-e-duwa mein hoon;
Main naseeb hoon kisi aur ka, 
mujhe maangata koi aur hai.

Kabhi laut aayein to na poochhna, 
sirf dekhna bare Ghaur se;
Jinhein raaste mein Khabar huhi, 
ke yeh raasata koi aur hai.

Ajab aitbar-o-be-aitbari 
ke darmiyan hai zindagi
Main qareeb hoon kisi aur ke, 
mujhe jaanata koi aur hai. 

Vahi munsifoon ki rivayatein, 
vahi faisaloon ki ibaratein;
Mera jurm to koi aur tha, 
par meri saza koi aur hai.

Teri roshni meri Khad-o-Khal se
 mukhtalif to nahi magar;
Tu qareeb aa tujhe daikh loon, 
tu wohi hai ya koi aur hai.

Jo meri riyazat-e-neem-shab ko 
'Saleem' subh na mil saki;
To phir is ke maani to ye huhe, 
ke yahaan Khuda koi aur hai.

(Poet: Saleem Kausar)

I dwell in longings of one while 
another keeps me in his ambitions 
I am only an image in the mirror, 
behind the mirror is someone else 
I am easily attained by one yet 
am in another's words of prayer 
I have become the destiny of one 
while another craves for me 
Life seems to straddle between 
a certain belief and disbelief 
I am intimate with one but 
another actually understands me 

I don't know who my friends are, 
I am not aware of my foes 
My tale was something else, 
now my episode is something else 
When you meet him do not question, 
just look at him attentively 
One discovered on this journey that 
this path is something else

When my mid-night devotion 
could not attain the morning* Salim 
What does this mean except that 
here Overseer is someone else 

* i.e when my prayers came to nothing... 

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