Mein Neeva Mera Murshid Ucha English Translation

The Legend Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Qawwal
Mein Neeva Mera Murshid Ucha [English Translation]
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Mein Neeva Mera Murshid Ucha English Translation
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Mein Nevan, Mera Murshid Uchha (I'm Lowly, My Spiritual Guide Is Exalted)

I’m lowly; my Spiritual Guide is exalted I have joined Him
I, the lowly one, am so honoured to have gained the acceptance of the Exalted One
Make the threshold of the Spiritual Guide your home do not make new friends because so of them may
Be mean and despicable
Whether the fruit is ripe or unripe the orchard-keeper still keeps a watch on it
My Spiritual Master is always guiding the people, be they sincere or insincere
All the solutions to the problems lie with the great people
A problem ceases to exist once glanced at by the Exalted Man
Join those who are immersed in the Spiritual Love though we may encounter many beautiful friends,
But we’ll behold only one
Being caught in the straitjacket was like being ground in the oil-press
O Muhammad Baksh, my desire says if you stay with me today I’ll appreciate it
When I look at my deeds I’ve nothing
But when I look at your mercy, it’s glorious
Do visit the gates of the Spiritual Guides abode, for it’s like a pilgrimage
Have the patience of a beloved; let’s go to His place Al1 your problems will find a solution
If you are friendly then even the unfriendly become friends
O Muhammad Baksh, the whole world seems deserted without friends
The gardener’s job is to water the plants in abundance and God’s job is to be the All-Provider, but the dispensation depends on Him
O friend, we have kept our promise, even sacrificed my life
On the Day of Judgement if you expose me it would be
Shame and embarrassment
I’ve given everything, even my life; to you are the custodian of my lowly status,
So keep my honour
One who gives away is generous and he who asks is a beggar
No one will think of the generous if I return empty-handed today
My Beloved has abandoned me, left me worried and miserable
He has left me hanging from a thorny tree as if I was an old rag
Rejoice not if your enemy dies because friends also die
O Muhammad Baksh, the evening has come, the end is near, for, it’ll be dark all over Embed Code [Copy and Paste Code Where You Want]
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