Lyrics Dil Pe Zakham Khatey Hain with English Translation

The Legend Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Qawwal
Dil Pe Zakham Khatey Hain [Lyrics with Translation]
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Lyrics Dil Pe Zakham Khatey Hain with English Translation
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Dil pe zakhm khate hain
We take wounds on our heart
jaan se guzarte hain
We sacrifice our life

Jurm sirf itna hai
The only crime is
un ko pyar karte hain
We love them

Aitbaar bharta hai
The trust grows
aur bhi mohabbat ka
Of love even more

Jab wo ajnabee ban kar, paas se guzarte hain
When they pass closely being stranger

Un ki anjuman bhi hai
They have their ways

Dehkna hai dewaane, ab kaha teherte hain
We will see where the lovers stop now

Un ke aik taghaaful pay tootte hain dil kitne
When they are angry so many hearts break

Un ki ik Tawajo say kitne zakhm bharte hain
When they cast upon so many wounds heal up

Jo pale hain zulmat main kya sehr ko pehchanain
One who has been raised up in darkness what do they know of light

Peer ji ke shedaii roshni se darte hain
The followers of the saint scare away from light

Lakh wo guraizaan hon lakh wo dushman e jaan hon
Even if they hate us millions of times, and if they are friends of enemies

Dil ko kya karain sahib ham unhi pe marte hain
What do we do with our heart, we love them

Dil pe Zakhm Khate hain jaan se Guzarte hain
We take wounds on our heart, we sacrifice our life
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