Bujhi Hui Shama Ka Dhuwa Hun by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan - Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Collection
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Bujhi Hui Shama Ka Dhuwa Hun by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

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The Legend Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Qawwal
Bujhi Hui Shama Ka Dhuwa Hun
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Jab Tera Hukam Mila Tark-e-Mohabat Ker Di Ghazal by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan
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Bujhi Hui Shama Ka Dhuan Hoon, Aur Apnay Markaz Ko Ja Raha Hoon [LYRICS & TRANSLATION IN ENGLISH]

Bujhi Hui Shama Ka Dhuan Hoon, Aur Apnay Markaz Ko Ja Raha Hoon
Ke Dil Ki Hasrat To Mit Chuki Hai, Ub Apni Hasti Mita Raha Hoon

I am the smoke of an extinguished candle, and I am going towards my grave
My heart does not have wishes anymore, now I am destroying my existence

Teri Hi Soorat K Daikhnay Ko, Butoon Ki Tasveerin La Raha Hoon
Ke Khoobiyaan Sub Ki Jama Ker Ke, Tera Tasawwar Jama Raha Hoon

Only to see your face, I am getting images of idols
So that I can absorb their magnificence, and make a thought (imagination) of you

Kafan Mein Khudh Ko Chupa Dia Hai, Ke Tujh Ko Parday Ki
Ho Na Zehmat
Naqaab Apne Liyeah Bana Ker, Hijaab Tera Utha Raha Hoon

I have hidden myself in a shroud, so that you don’t have the trouble of putting on the veil
By making a veil for myself, I am lifting your veil

Udhar Wo Ghar Se Nikal Pare Hein, Idhar Mera Dam Nikal Raha Hai
Ilahi Kaise Hai Yeh Qayamat, Woh Aa Rahe Hein Mein Ja Raha Hoon

There they leave the home and here I am dying
God! How is this ending, that they are arriving and I am going

Muhabbat Insaan Ki Hai Fitrat, Kahaan Hai Imkaan E Tark E Ulfat
Woh Aur Bhi Yaad Aa Rahay Hein, Mein Un Ko Jitna Bhula Raha Hoon

Love is man's nature, where is the possibility of leaving love
The more I try to forget them, the more I remember them

Zubaan Pay Labaik Her Nafas Mein, Jabeen Pay Sajda Hai
Her Qadam Pay
Yoon Ja Raha But-Kaday Ko Natik, Ke Jaisay Kaa'bay

Ko Ja Raha Hoon...........More................
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